3rd time with Vlismas.

When you’re good at what you do there’s no stopping you from being recognised. Here’s John Vlismas proving he has the touch to make you laugh for a 3rd time around. Since we reported on his first appearance, the show has now been extended, find out more as we prepare to hysterically LOL 🙂 details below.




Hysteria (of the bad kind), tears (not from laughing) and general disappointment are what John Vlismas would like to avoid should fans of his upcoming John Vlismas Is/In 40 show not be able to secure their tickets.

After announcing he would celebrate his 40th birthday (it happens to the best of us) by putting on a one-man comedy show like no other, the public (bless them) have responded so eagerly that both evening shows on Friday 14 and Saturday 15June are close to selling out. With demand high, John Vlismas responded immediately (bless him) by releasing a third show date – Saturday 15 June at 17h00.

The Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg will receive enthusiastic comedy fans and lovers of a good laugh when the “Short Troublemaker” will tell everyone in attendance what his take is on turning the dreaded age.

“I heard that Steve Hofmeyr was planning a show for 17:00 on Saturday, the 15th of June, so I wanted to do some community outreach by offering South Africans, with taste, a place of shelter. Luckily we already had the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg, so we have opened her doors for an extra show out of compassion. Goodness, we don’t want them feeling forced to go to a barnyard and hear a Neil Diamond CD while nibbling on a picnic,” explains John Vlismas.

Comedy fans are set for a one-man show with a production element that has never been seen before in South Africa. We’re not going to give away too much (or the punch line), but audiences can expect a multimedia feast, as Vlismas bends the rules and pushes the technical team to new levels of output for “40” – ‘But don’t worry,’ says a mischievous Vlismas, ‘I know my crowd, and I know what they’re coming for – so there will be plenty of exotic language, taboo topics, and awkward pauses. I’ve even developed two new swear words especially for my people.’

If you haven’t bought your tickets for this momentous show, do it now to avoid, well, having to go to a barnyard to hear a Neil Diamond CD while nibbling on a picnic.

“40” is scheduled to Premiere at

The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City, Johannesburg

14th & 15th June 2013

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