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111.jpgNew and emerging bands here is your chance to Advance and Release with a bit of Development and Assistant thanks to Red Bull and SpeakerBox… Represent supports as many initiatives that promote and assist South African music that we can, by telling you all about it. So muso’s, don’t miss all the opportunities we fill you in on! Rock on! You’ve only got three weeks to get amongst this Western Cape Festival: Rocking the Daisies presents Red Bull RADAR*(*Research, Assist, Develop, Advance & Release)

What is Red Bull RADAR?

South Africa’s sonic terrain is extensive and it is often easy for the many musical soldiers to get lost in the haze of murky bars, dimly-lit nightclubs and out-of-reach garages. Red Bull RADAR seeks to scan SA’s landscape in search of this undiscovered musical talent and once identified offer a platform above the mist of obscurity so that all those bands, musicians and artists have a chance of making their mark on the local music scene.

It’s difficult enough for bands and artists to get the right gigs to expose their musical might, let alone actually recording a demo to open the doors of prospective venues, record-labels and fan-bases. Those bands and artists that are selected will get to record and produce a demo in the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town, RADAR’s musical equipment laden head-quarters.

The Search Begins:

Taking place from 3-5 October, Rocking the Daisies is fast becoming one of the highlights on SA‘s live music calendar. Rocking the Daisies and Red Bull RADAR, in partnership with Speakerbox, are offering four talented emerging bands the opportunity to play on the main-stage at Rocking the Daisies 2008, simply by submitting a basic recording demo!

The best of these four bands will win five days in the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town to record themselves a 4-track demo while living it up like rock stars!

So here’s a step by step recap of how it works:
1. Send us your band profile, a pic and a demo recording (MP3) to to upload to the Rocking the Daisies / Red Bull RADAR page on Speakerbox.
2. Create a band profile for your band on the Speakerbox / Blueworld Bands section and include the profile link in your email to
3. Beg, bribe or blackmail your friends, family or random people on the street to vote for your track on the Red Bull RADAR page on Speakerbox.
4. The top four bands, as voted for by the community, will compete in a battle of the bands on the main-stage at Rocking the Daisies on Friday, 3 October.
5. These bands will be judged at the festival and the best band will win five days of studio time in the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town.

It’s a no-brainer really. If you haven’t got a basic demo, just plug a mic into your laptop and record your band jamming during practice and send the track to

Grand Prize Details:

If you win at the Rocking the Daisies competition you get…

1. Five days of full studio time at the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town to record a four track demo.
2. Return flights for up to five bands members from either Johannesburg or Durban to Cape Town plus five nights accommodation.
3. A master demo including all artwork plus copies of the demo.
4. A professional photo shoot and music video.
5. Interviews and support from all the RTD media partners.
6. An opening gig with one of South Africa’s leading bands.

Rules and Regulations:

1. The competition runs from 14 August till 15 September 2008.
2. All band members have to be over 18.
3. All bands must be unsigned and unpublished and own the rights to their own music.
4. This competition is aimed at emerging bands who have as yet not had the opportunity to be showcased on a platform such as Rocking the Daisies. In light of this, we regret that bands who are already signed up to play at RTD will not be allowed to enter.
5. Have to be an original performer / no cover bands.
6. The band needs to have its own instruments.
7. Any genre of music is allowed.
8. Have to be available for a photo shoot, interviews and promotional post-event gigs.
9. The four chosen bands have to be available to play at Rocking the Daises on 3 October 2008. These bands are responsible for getting themselves to and from the festival in Darling, Western Cape.

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