Die Antwoord ripping up the interwebs

die-antwoord1Skandaal! For once Cape Town is on the map for a reason other than the mountain (we love you mountain) … enter… Die Antwoord: crass, vulgar, in your face, rof… with the slickest beats and ryhmes …The tongue-in-your-bruised-cheek trio take the dirtiest side of being a poor white South African and rework it into a mish-mash of edgy Afrikaans flow and rough South African English slang that has the world sitting up and taking notice of their bottom-of-the-barrel approach. We’re thinking they’re South Africa’s very own THE STREETS. .. but with lyrics that will have the voorvaders doing somersaults in their graves, you actually can’t compare them. Irreverance in a sweet beat. Truly Scandalous. Add your hit to the fab video Zef Side that’s making the groot trek around cyberspace.

Zef Side.

Nice one Waddy! Hard work always pays off.

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