Everybody’s ♡ing BLK JKS

blkjks_002855x642428x321I remember the first time I saw Blk Jks was the night our *shy* little band Pesheya shared the stage with them at ROKA in Milpark early 07, we were both opening acts for the always AWESOME Uju… That night I thought *damn* these guys are crazy, their eclectic blend of rock ‘n roll madness was enough to confuse any neatly playlisted South African. Now, proudly listening to their set at SXSW, I can confirm, they are totally loopy… crazy … and loving it! The best part is, hungry for something fresh and tasty, the rest of the music world seems fascinated by these boys mashing up styles all the way from Johannesburg and are lapping them up in big dollops. Join them on their ride on and upwards – read all about Blk Jxs in this month’s Vanity Fair and listen to their mad beats at SXSW (thanks Quicy for the link). Could this be the debut of SA music on the international stage – AT LAST? REPRESENT!

PS: SO UJU when is the rest of the music world finally going to get to listen to you??? We still have our money on you. *kisses from afar*

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