Half of A Yellow Sun premiers at the Durban Film Festival

For 10 days from 17 – 27 July Durban is transformed into a celluloid jungle, teeming with film screenings at 9 wild venues around the city. You will find a menagerie of movie species – some rare and endangered, some easy to spot, some dangerous, some playful – and at the heart of this subtropical forest of film lies the new industry hub at the Elangeni Hotel.


Directed by: Biyi Bandele

Nigeria, United Kingdom


106 min

The highly anticipated film adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel of the same name is set against the difficulties of post-independence Nigeria and follows the fates of twins Olanna and Kainene. Educated in the West, the privileged sisters return to a Nigeria that is impatient to shake off all colonial influence. But an act of betrayal fractures the sisters’ relationship, a fracture that is soon mirrored by the outbreak of a bloody civil war. A timely film for a country once again facing dangerous religious divisions, Half of a Yellow Sun is a powerful portrayal of suffering on both a personal and national scale. For more information check out http://bit.ly/1mbBAQi


Author: Represent

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