Levi’s® Vintage Sunday returns to Durban

farrylDeben, it’s your turn for a bout of stunning Sundays. Topping and tailing with two of our favourite artists – Roly Struckmeyer on the 4th October and 340ml on the 25th October, not to mention the legendary Steven Newman (ex Tananas) on the 18th, the Durban line-up is packing some real punch:
After taking Pretoria by storm and giving local music fans a reason to look forward to Sunday nights, Levi’s® Vintage Sundays heads down to Durban for October, turning La Scarpetta into the venue of choice for those who want to rock the new week in with their favourite bands.  For the fifth year running music lovers all over South Africa are set to have their Sunday nights reinvented and reinvigorated with Levi’s® Vintage Sundays, Mzansi’s most consistent and comprehensive showcase of local musical talent

Three incredible individuals line up to kick off the party on the 4th.  A fixture on the music scene in Durban since the late 80’s, Pietermaritzburg born acoustic guitarist and vocalist Roly Struckmeyer is first to take to the stage.  With a delivery that will stop you in your tracks, he has the power to evoke and engage, making him a hit with a live audience.   Second in line is Luke Siedle who’s incredible instrumental skills are complemented by sincere lyrics, resulting in a musical narrative that finds resonance with a diverse range of devoted fans.  You’ll find the roots of folk, rock and country in his music, all reworked to reflect this rising star’s uniquely beautiful take on the world.  Farryl Purkiss rounds the evening off with his ever-soulful, always observant and beautifully composed guitar tracks. The man with a golden voice and heartfelt performances is going to show you exactly why he spends most of his time on the road gigging.

Starting things off on the 11th is Gary Thomas.  He is constantly writing songs that challenge both himself, his instrument and his audience and who balances meticulously crafted songwriting with dynamic vocals and contained improvisation.  He’s followed by Syd Kitchen – his musical territory knows no bounds, and his long list of collaborations and diverse projects is testament to his insatiable love for music and performance.  A man who speaks from the heart, Syd’s compositions are truly African offerings, speaking both musically and lyrically about life on the continent. Rounding it off is Guy Buttery with his unconventional guitar and percussive techniques whose intricate soul-searching arrangements find their way into every heart that hears him.

The following Sunday, the 18th, is an opportunity to experience three of South Africa’s most talented acts.   Multi-instrumentalist Greg Georgiades takes to the stage with his love for sonic textures and ethno grooves. He’s a man whose mastery of music gives him the freedom to play what he chooses. Then, the man with many talents Gavin Minter will be performing his unique take on jazz, mixing up pop, rock and funk influences to deliver a show that’s as infectious as it is enlightening.  Steve Newman has written a history for himself that few can equal.  His constant collaborations with fellow luminaries are indicative of a fluid life and an open approach to music.  This true talent is finally receiving the accolades and success that he so richly deserves.

Gonzo Republic come firing out of the starting blocks on the 25th, heading straight for your feel good button with their deep and dirty mix of groove-laced vocal alternate rock.  With a strong emphasis on hard-rolling rhythm, and an air of confidence, they’re the assured sons of modern South African rock.  They’re followed by the much loved 340ml.  This inspirational outfit will put on another great show for their Durban fans, making sure the coastal cousins get a dose of their dub-infused dance music.  Warm and familiar and completely original, 340ml are a band on another level – and they take you there at Levi’s® Vintage Sundays.

Venue:  La Scarpetta
Address:  198 Florida Road, Morningside, Durban
Time:  Doors open at 19h00 show starts at 20h00
Contact No:  031 303 2231

Line Up

4th  October

Roly Struckmeyer
Luke Siedle
Farryl  Purkiss

11th October
Gary Thomas
Syd Kitchen
Guy Buttery

18th  October
Greg Georgiades
Gavin Minter
Steve Newman

25th October
Gonzo Republic
340 ML

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