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levis sowetoIt’s mosdef the place to be to forget your Sunday Blues as winter winds down towards Spring – join Levi’s ekasi at the Backroom in SO-WE-TO for the month of August…  With a line up of some of Rep’s favourite muso’s and DJ’s including 340ml, Lira, Kwani and Khenzero, the old adage of “you don’t want to miss this” rings true for four weekends in a row.

Levi’s® Vintage Sunday’s moves to Soweto for the month of August

In August Levi’s® Vintage Sundays moves to Soweto for the first time, taking over The Backroom every Sunday night, and giving this vibrant township even more vibe to close off the weekend.  A true reflection of our country’s diverse and inspiring musical wealth, the acts on show are bound to get the venue all heated up with their uniquely South African sounds.  It’s going to be an incredible journey into the heart of good music.  Make sure you’re along for the ride.

The weekly attraction will be homeboy and hero DJ Kenzhero, the man who knows how to turn the party on and drop the tunes that we all love.  His style moves from Latin and Soul to Jazz-tinged Hip Hop, to all-out Funk and rare wonders.  He plays all over, but he’s always on the mark.

On the 5th it’s all about hip hop.  T.R.U.E. get it all going with their uniquely crafted style that place as much emphasis on lucid lyricism as it does on groundbreaking beats.  The crowds adore them – and they are proud to give the love back.  Zuluboy is also up on the night, keeping true to his roots with a modern mixture of traditional rhythms and future beats.  His energy is boundless – so be prepared to be swept up by it.

Albert Frost is joined by the twin talents of Selaelo Selota and Lira to take it further on the 12th.  Albert’s the master of the laidback groove, but don’t let that fool you, because his organic, intricate blues guitar compositions have been known to bewitch audiences around the country.  He’ll be doing just this at The Backroom.  Selaelo Selota and Lira take the stage as a duo, complementing each other’s powerful personas with a shared vision for live brilliance.  Selaelo’s genre-defying jazz-drenched music combined with Lira’s super-sultry, heavenly voice.  What a treat.

On the 19th Echoes and Kwani Experience take the stage.  Echoes are three friends with a common passion: beautiful music.  This love is brought to life with their unique vocal melodies and guitar accompaniments.  They believe in remaining fresh and are amazingly original onstage.  Kwani Experience are the 8-piece who always give more.  Their music floats effortlessly between Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, poetry and modern-urban Traditional African flavours.  It’s a rich tapestry of incredible music that speaks to many different souls.

It all comes to an end on the 26th when two more great acts share their musical magic with the audience.  Bhubesii is a creative force who takes his worldly experiences and channels it into his uniquely made hip hop.  This is new generation rap for the post-millennium crew.  340ml are already legendary for creating a unique sound that touches on all things soulful and sexy.  Their live shows are powerhouse performances that push boundaries and move minds and feet.  Come hear the legends deliver.

The Backroom, Shop No 20 Pimville Square, Pimville
Tel:  011 938 9388
Time 19h30

5th August
Zulu Boy
DJ Kenzhero
12th August
Albert Frost
DJ Kenzhero

19th August
Kwani Experience
DJ Kenzhero

26th August
DJ Kenzhero

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