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wireless-g1I’ve never known how to feel about the tourist buses and taxis that bump through Soweto crammed with foreign faces pressed up curiously at the windows, only stopping at very specific touristy haunts-  on one hand, it kind of eeks me out, on the other, it’s what tourists do in any interesting place… and damn Soweto is interesting. And tourism brings many great things with it, including strange sock-sandal combinations.  Thing is, those buses are only ever going to catch the surface and perhaps cliched view of the charm-oozing hub that makes you never want to leave- but there’s an underside to Soweto that’s been brewing over the last decade as an evolving creative youth explores and reinvents their identity in a postrevolution South Africa. Be privy to this change as it’s happening right now, get to a celebration of hip and happening Soweto in 2009 next weekend at Alter Route. Oh and don’t tell the sock-and-sandle clad tourists, we’d like to keep it to ourselves for a bit as it’s just so… nice:

Winter is on its way out, summer’s almost here and what better way to awaken the hibernated senses with Alter Route Soweto on Saturday August 29, 2009 at Est 1912, Rockville Soweto.

Alter-Route is an exhibition that encapsulates the spirit of its surroundings and serves it up through a mix of visual, auditory and culinary ingredients that would appeal to everyone.

Kgomotso Morena, event organizer, says “Soweto has passed the phase of being labelled a township. Its streets have changed, its face has undergone reconstruction and its mentality has grown. Throughout all this change, its youth has been preparing a multi-genre, multi-cultural and mix-flavoured brew of new age talent and Alter Route Soweto is a collection and celebration of all that.” All this means is that, apart from one hell of an event, Alter Route Soweto will be a platform for the brands that will be on display to be exposed to new markets and new patrons, it’s a way of showcasing unconventional artistic elements in hope of bringing people of diverse backgrounds together.

For R30, the public will first be treated to the renowned Dr Badela, The Layders, Wysdiman, Meat the Veggies, Wireless Gee and playkaystat who will all not just satisfy your hearing but set the mood for the entire event.

Then, as if that isn’t enough, Soweto’s finest vegetarian chef, Far a field from Shifty, whose repertoire ranges from delectable gourmet cuisine to simple yet equally tantalising takeaways will be seen cooking up a storm and selling some scrumptious bites.

What’s a celebration without some visual stimulation?  Guests’ eyes will be amazed with the striking attire and rousing artistic skill that united create an international culturally attractive spark full of visual appeal that blends the old Soweto with the modern, urban and contemporary Soweto. Thesis concept store will be one of the exhibitors showcasing local fashion brands. It was established in 2005 when Mangi Mbithsana started buying second hand clothing and “bringing it back to life”, so to say, it was done by deconstructing a garment then adding it to another and so on. This process has now built a brand that has wonderfully fused western design and the soul of Soweto.

The eyes will also feast on graffiti splashed across the venue, which is aptly a burnt house, re-iterating the idea that inspiration can be found anywhere. So, come take a journey with the artists who use Soweto as a subject matter and engage the viewer into taking the alternative route of life by embracing the breakdown of racial divide through music, food, fashion and art.

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