New Music Review: Glenzito House Avenue V3

glen_cover.jpgIt’s clear – house music must go on and we’re still loving it. But every now and then, like most things, we believe it requires a little tweak, a little shift. That’s when it’s up to our dj’s, muso’s and producers to pluck the core of that ‘some’ing some’ing’ driving local house music, the soulful and appealing sticky parts of our favourite tunes, and repackage it into some fresh and juicy new beats and twists that inspire us and lift house music to the next progression…on and up. Dawn Penny gives yet another South African DJ Legend her once over and finds Glenzito’s new album infinitely pleasing and on another level…

8 beats out 10

The long-awaited, latest Glenzito House Avenue V3 CD is finally here! And just in time for the end of winter moving into spring. With DJs who’ve been mixing for some years now, there’s most certainly an expectation of brilliance or at least a one up from their last offering and Glen definitely sets a bar higher.

As some of you might know by now, I’m a huge sucker for vocal house, the sing-alongs man the sing-alongs, so this was lovely for me to listen to. From the first track, DJ Pap feat. Cei Bei – It’s the Music, Glen lets you know what’s up. He prepares you and implies that this right here, that you’re just about to listen to, this is the music. He brings in a soulful/gospel song in track 4, Halo & Kemal feat. Arnold Jarvis – Lift me Up, which took me to church and lifted my spirits. He now starts to transform from the chilled house beats to the more get-on-the-dance-floor type tunes, and my shoulders are moving.

There’s track 7 with vocalist Michelle Amador crooning Because of You. Wow! This track was most definitely my favourite. It was carried by the vocals, with this soulful, Sarah Vaughan-type voice – absolutely beautiful. This was also one of the dance beats but the voice gives it a sophistication – not to say that dancing isn’t sophisticated (when done right) but it’s sexy. And then right after that sexy track follows what sounds to me to be a pick up song. I imagine that when Mike Dunn – Freaky MF hits the speakers in the club, you’ll have plenty of flirting while dancing going on. It’s a good hook track though, it’ll be a hit for sure.

He keeps to his dance tone with tracks like Kiko Navarro – Sonando Contigo adding a sultryness every now and then. It’s a good listen, it’s a good party CD and it most definitely makes a good summer accessory. If you’re looking for a great house musical journey, take a turn onto Glenzito House Avenue V3

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