New Music Review – Ryan Dent & DJ Terance

thumbnail_musicbox2.jpgA brand new Represent feature, we’ll be reviewing any and all music that comes our way, particularly home-brewed. We kick off in fine style with one of our favourite music institutions… Soul Candi… Representin’ her love of music with her fingers, our reviewer Dawn Penny turns up the volume… Sharpile!:

A night out with the Dentist mixed by Ryan Dent – 8 Beats out of 10

Ryan Dent was among the first to start the electronic house movement in South Africa, he’s an award-winning, internationally acclaimed DJ and producer; in layman’s terms, RYAN DENT IS THE MAN! Yes I said it, not cos I’ve always loved Ryan’s (cos him and me are down like that) music since I can remember back in Cape Town, but because his newest offering is just great. It kinda gives you the feeling of club hopping, when I listened to it, I visualised Ryan and me bouncing from one place to another together, partying it up. He gives us what we expect of him, great beats that’ll have you dancing the night away. “A night out with the Dentist” also brings you some great vocal electronic house tunes, and he does a track reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, which got me jamming and mouthing, ‘We don’t need nooo ehh-ducation’. If you’re a house fan and you want to have root canal performed on your buttocks from your seat, go on “A night out with the Dentist”, you won’t be disappointed.

DJ Terance – Music Box Vol.2 – 7 Beats out of 10

One could argue that DJ Terance has matured since his last offering. Music Box Vol. 2 has all the elements of a hot house album, but could that be a bad thing? With as many house albums that get released, a DJ can only pray that you pick his copy cos it offers something new. And I will admit that DJ Terance has his own uniqueness, no matter how faint. The album consists of vocal house, which I really enjoy because in the club the only thing better than a sing-along, is a house sing-along. It has some lounge beats for the chilling-at-home-with-friends scenario and some dance beats for the you-can-find-me-in-the-club type of scenario. You will most definitely enjoy his natural way of mixing his music, which is always refreshing (and house fans will agree with me on that one). All in all I would say that it will not only get your young ones jamming to it, the mature crowd will find it impossible to stop their feet tapping and hips moving to it as well.

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