OH, to be a Sizzling Coal at SoulProviders…

Hi, my name is Lindelwa and I’m a Sizzling coal. What does that mean? It means that I’m an impressionable youth with a brain soft and absorbent like a sponge, who is working under the guidance of Bright sparks and a brilliant Firestarter.

Technically this metaphor should end with me being burnt to ashes and so becomes the end of me, but we will not get technical with it. Instead, this piece of coal will ignite into a giant flame-woman setting the world alight wherever she goes.


In less than 100 words, that’s what it feels like to intern here at SoulProviders. I should tell you about why I like it here and what it’s doing for my personal growth as well.

The journey has been quite… enlightening. It was in jest, during the early years of Twitter when I told friends that my first job will be a paid-to-tweet situation. As my Twitter addiction grew I learned and read more, and realized that there is work in social media – real jobs, for real. We millennials have it good, with all the progressive industries coming up with innovation – I cannot begin to imagine what’s in store for Generation Z.

Back to SP, my first few weeks here felt hectic. Trying to find my feet in a new environment, everyone was and still is helpful, always willing to lend a hand, and teach me something – and this made it easier to settle in and learn the ways of the Digital Ninja. It’s been like having a room full of mentors and almost 5 months later, I feel like part of the family.

In the beginning I struggled to keep up, whoooo! Never has the expression “ASAP” been so literal in my life. In the space of a few weeks I had become so much better at time management and delivering quality work in record time…not to mention “multi-tasking”. As someone working in a woman-dominated environment I can confidently say that WE ARE THE MULTI-TASKING MASTERS. To juggle 8 balls and drop none of them feels great! A sort-of affirmation of my ‘Super-Womanity’.

All in all, it’s been an inspiring few months and I look forward to the exciting days ahead.



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