Run The World: An Instabition By David Tshabalala

Meet the contemporary graphic designer whose creativity stems from the gift of freedom. His artistic flair, buoyant and playful in expression becomes the medium through which he invites the audience to discuss identity and cultural associations.

Meet David Tshabalala. A graphic designer Slaying Goliath. David introduces the birth of a revolutionary Women’s Month exhibition, Run The World: An Instabition By David Tshabalala.


This groundbreaking concept will be run daily throughout the month of August on Instagram, featuring the profiles of 31 Great Young Women as perceived by the artist.  David undertook the project with the passionate intention of commemorating the women of South Africa, by celebrating everyday young women; women who fight to inspire everyday lives.

“I want to profile young South African women whom I consider to be the future thought leaders of South Africa. These are young women who may or may not be known under public spotlight, yet, in each of their creative disciplined passions, they illuminate a spirit of solidarity in power. Warrior women who will indeed inherit the earth.”

Author: Represent

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