Take a “short left” with Soweto Outdoor Adventure.

In this last series of interviews with Hansa Pilsener and the “Cheers to Dreamers” campaign, we take you on  a tour of Soweto with “Soweto Outdoor Adventure”, a very passionate adventurous exploration short left ride of Soweto. The guys behind this passion project want you to come  and experience “the soul of Jo’burg” riding quad-bikes. Find out what they are offering below. Cheers.


1.Greetings guys, tell Represent, how many routes does the tour of Soweto Outdoor Adventure have?

– There are three routes that we tour around Soweto.

2.How long does one tour take and what do you always emphasise about Soweto to people on the tour?

From 2hrs, 30min, and up to 6hrs. It all depends on what the client wants to see and know about Soweto.

3. Given the traffic in some of Soweto roads, how have you managed to keep everyone safe during a tour?

– Emphasis is placed on strict guidance, strict marshals and using as much of the off roads as possible.

4. How would you convince someone who’s never been to Soweto to try out this adventure tour on a quad bike?

– The soul of Jo’burg resides in Soweto

– Soweto is no ordinary township, it is a city on its own, full of history, heritage and fun….

5.What is the end game with Hansa – what do you want to see happening after this campaign has ended?

More young dreamers taking the leap and doing what they are passionate about.


We wish you all the best with the “Adventure tour of Soweto” and hopefully when I do visit Soweto I will make my way to your side. – Editor

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