The possibilities that Designer burgers bring

By Khumo Ntoane

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I’ll try anything once. This philosophy has gotten me into some trouble a few times and it’s also taken me to unbelievable places. I mean, I accidentally ate dog meat once and didn’t even flinch when I found out, because my taste buds were not reacting to my brain’s reprimanding scold. (Dog meat is a delicacy in South Korea before you start jumping and thinking I’m a terrible human being).

I’m going to make a confession, I recently introduced red meat back into my diet because I had it in me that the lentils and other form of none animal protein wasn’t enough to supplement my protein intake and I was constantly fatigued for the last 6 months of being a vegetarian. The mushroom burgers have always been my favourite and I love the creativity that non meat eaters apply to their food consumption but there is nothing like having a ‘real’ burger.

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I went to Craft Burger, a new-ish burger joint on Sea Point main road.  It’s not simply eating any commercial burger packaged for the masses. You sit down and get a piece of paper and design your own burger. This being the design capital of SA Craft Burger serves as one of chestnuts that make it such. Other than all that ladidaah daah speak, go have yourself a mouth-watering burger at a really relaxed and pleasant space.

The place is intimate with a few tables. You have the option of choosing how you want your burger to be done; rare, medium rare or well done. There is also an assortment of cheeses to choose from. The whole menu gives you options because you design your own burger. The guys that work there are very friendly and you can get free wifi. I always mix and match when I go there, why have the same things when you have options?

Standard burger costs R49

82 Regent Road

8005 Sea Point, Western Cape, South Africa


Phone   021 439 7407



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