What Makes SoulProviders an Employer of Choice?

So what it is that makes working for SoulProviders so cool? Besides, of course, the fact that cool people work here … In the next few articles, we’ll be introducing you to a few employee benefits at our Content Marketing & Digital agency SoulProviders that make us really feel like coming to work. Even on a Monday. 

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One of the many benefits enjoyed by SoulProviders employees is the popular annual Winter Hours programme. #WinterHours were introduced three years ago for staff who have an extra long commute or who use public transport. It was initially put in place for team members who were having to leave at ridiculously icy early-morning hours or who were often walking the last part of their commute home in the pitch dark in Winter.  “Whenever I think about our business strategy, which I do a lot of, I always imagine myself in my 20s and remember the things I wished I could have at work or how I wished I could work. Not much has changed: I’ve always liked to feel a bit of control over my work hours and to be able to work flexibly when needed. We’re aiming to have a truly flexi set up for many of our long-service team in 2016. Long service being around 3 years in our industry of course 😉 I have also been lucky to live in a few cities with different approaches to worklife and I read up a lot on global best practice in workplace benefits and I try to experiment and do things differently from the ‘norm’.” says Sarah-Jane Boden, the founder of the couture agency, SoulProviders.

“Winter hours just made such sense and it’s amazing what such a small shift in working hours has done for some of our team over the years – now many of our team mates look forward to Winter :).  We’re still dealing with such economic and spatial inequalities in where people live or how they commute, I want to find ways of making it easier for everyone on our youthful team, wherever possible.”

It’s a solid step in making SoulProviders an employer of choice for millennials and the Winter Hours programme has also evolved into an incentive for long-service employees who may not struggle with the same commuting challenges. For the lucky #WinterHours beneficiaries, the programme lasts through June and July and everyone that benefits is responsible for making up the work and time out of office.

Some of the Winter Hours “beneficiaries” shared how they are benefitting from the programme:

Lindelwa – Junior Content Manager

I get more sleep time and comfortable travelling because the Gautrain isn’t as full. I also have time for a quick workout every morning.

Thobeka – Content and Community Manager

Winter hours have been working out amazingly for me. I leave the house at 7:30am when it’s nice and light outside, and around that time traffic isn’t bad at all. I wake up at 6:30am (the time I would leave the house on a normal non-winter-hours day), which means that I get enough rest, making me more productive at work.

In the afternoon, traffic will always be terrible on the M1 but I get home at 6:15pm latest. It’s not that dark at that time and I have extra time to catch up on work in the comfort of my own home.

In conclusion, I am less fatigued when I’m at work because I’m well rested and with the times that I arrive and leave work, traffic isn’t so bad – which makes me less grumpy.

Charly – Designer

It’s much safer for me to go home before it’s dark because I have to walk a long distance when I get off the taxi. I also get more time to rest, relax and reflect on my life before I sleep so I can be fresh and ready to take on the next day.

Lebogang – Content and Community Manager

The best part about the winter hours is that they teach you about discipline. If you can’t leave at 4pm, you remain behind and do your work bearing in mind that it’s a benefit and it can be taken away if misused. You wouldn’t want to be that guy known for misusing company benefits,yuuu …


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