Wisen UP! Don’t believe the BULLSHIT

penn-and-teller-bullshit.jpgNot only can you watch some really entertaining TV, but you can also OPEN your minds, WAKE up, stand up … for your rights as intelligent thinking, questioning human beings. Oh! and take your brains out of the category of ‘bullshit baffles brains.’ Bonus. We can’t get enough of the Penn & Teller series Bullshit that reveals so much about all the crapiola, lies and nonsense in the world that MOST people just suck up and live by. It’s obviously a highly cynical and overtly realist/pessimistic approach to many hot topics that make us tick, BUT we kinda like it as a lot of it is based on scientific and logical intelligence. Some of it is a bit of a stretch, but damn, it’s entertaining. Fact is, we’re tired of humans getting ripped off by unscrupulous bullshitting others. Oh, and be prepared to blush as you recognise your own gullibility in certain episodes – well, at least now you can QUESTION things a bit more instead of believing everything you’re told to believe…or at least carry on believing knowing the kind of choice you have made. What a welcome media approach in this world filled with so much Bullshit.

Our only question is, once you’ve got rid of all the soft and curly cotton wool comfort zones that keep us going everyday, gives us a ‘life’ framework or optimistically guides us forth… (aka bullshit), what’s left to believe in? What’s the point? Answers welcome! If you prefer making informed choices, decisions and knowing everything about everything… find out the truth here by watching some of the hilarious but fascinating free Bullshit episodes online – AND STOP stop STOP giving your money, precious time, happiness, intelligence, talent and skill away to greedy liars… It’s harsh, there’s really bad language and horrible truths, but you really should watch it and wisen up.

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