Young Nations’ United States Of Africa on the shelves

young-nations-usa-41‘I love my city I run it like a marathon’ GP (The City is mine)… Jozi hiphop heads will be all over Young Nations’ track dedicated to ‘his city’ Johannesburg – one of 15 hawt tracks on his latest album entitled United States of Africa.  Don’t be suprised by Young Nations’ American accent that busts smoothly in and out of his slick beats- he’s a global being with South African roots who’s grown up in a number of different countries including the US, France and Congo… Just listening to his lyrics affirms his allegiance to and excitement about being in  South Africa, the country of his birth. And anyway, who cares about accents anyways or where we’re from… it’s all about the beats and lyrics…So, you be the judge – does his album move you, is it moving SA hiphop and hiphop in general forward, is it fresh, is it innovative, do we love it??  Get a sneak peak here and buy it here.  Represent!

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