60s week in Maftown – get your ticket!

Oh yes, when you hear about the 60’s party in Mafikeng, you know the year is almost a wrap.
This year Represent is determined to go and hang out in the North West at thier 9th annual event – nine years – amazing hey! Bonus is they have now expanded the event from just a party into a 3 day event… OMG the babelaas. See you there!

Nare Events and Marketing brings you once again the 9th annual S…
ixties Costume Party, Maftown ‘s own all time rockers. From the 1st to the 3rd of December Maftown will explode once again.

On the 1st December we will have a Pre Sixties “Foam” Party at Da Garage. On the 2nd December will be the main Sixties Costume Party at Monare Farm, 15 minute drive away from the North West Province in Mafikeng, in the middle of nowhere lies oasis of banyana, basimane le mmino. We promise you an unimaginable year to indulge yourself and your peers.

2006 is the year to make 60’s fashion statement retro. 2 dance floors, with the most rocking DJ’s will give you the fun you have never experienced before.

Cover Charge: R 170 VIP gets you for the Pre Sixties as well as the main sixties party
: R 50 gets you in for only Pre Sixties “Foam” Party
: R 130 gets you in at the main Sixties Costume Party

For more information contact the below people or visit our website. www.sixtiesparty.co.za

Here’s more info:
The Annual Sixties party (Mmabatho North- West) takes place annually during the first weekend of December. Sixties has been running for the past six years and continues to grow in stature with the addition of every annual chapter. It attracts young partygoers from all over the country (and some parts of the Southern African sub-continent – Botswana & Lesotho). This is made possible through viral marketing as a result of the wide network of connections the people who attend have in the popular culture social scene. So the event plays host to a unique melting pot of urban cultures with young people from a wide range of towns and cities like Mafikeng, Gaborone, Maseru, Jo’burg and everywhere else coming together for a massive celebration that goes on until the sun comes out, and if you have the stamina into the early afternoon.

The event affords young people a rare opportunity to escape into another reality. Its location is on a private farm just outside Mafikeng, the North West Provincial capital. This location, away from the hustle and bustle of city life offers people from the major urban centers across the land an escape into a world surrounded by nature and hardly tainted by the vulgarity of urban development, where time seems to stand still. This forms the perfect setting for one to completely let go of their inhibitions. In addition, the fact that it’s a costume party adds to its escapism appeal. You can be anything you want to be and let your alter ego out. This is particularly important for young people who are constantly searching for the freedom to experiment and have fun with their identity, far away from the yolk of the weighty demands of the institutions of authority back in the real world.

Like the name suggests it started off as a costume party where patrons came dressed in sixties attire. Over time it has evolved to include any costume imaginable, anything from the Pope to Spiderman. You can be anything you want to be and let your alter ego loose.

Due to the success of the previous events, we have decided to expand the offering and we will be producing events, not only on Saturday but the entire weekend, Sixties week it set to take place from(Sixties Pre bubble Party @ Mmabatho Tuck big dance flow) 01 December 2006 (Sixties Costume Party @ Monare Farm) on 02 December 2006 (Sixties Jazzy Concert @ Letlamoreng Dam) on 03 December 2006.

Here’s an update on the 60s party in Durban that takes place at the end of the month. From what we hear those Durban parties are wild…( Ladies, keep it tidy… We see you in the Sunday World… it’s a little worrying sometimes.)

POM Place in Pietermaritzburg Durban Explodes Once Again…

The 2nd Annual Sixties Costume party is finally here. Like in true Mafikeng tradition, this retro fashion party promises to deliver the most exhilarating atmosphere, colour and ambience. Get into your Run DMC Gear, Spiderman, Bin Laden or whatever you fancy. 2005 was the most successful party yet in Mmabatho, so is time Durban will definitely blow you away! with all sorts of people from all over the country – expect nothing but sheer madness. Party Freaks! What’s happening out there? The theme for this year’s 60s party in Durbs will incorporate a car show and that’s why we are saying to all the Joburg and Cape Town peeps: Drive! Yep, get that 5 litre engine roaring on the N3/N2 and head to the other coast. Look at it this way, at least you won’t have to hire a car for the entire weekend and flights will be damn expensive. Now that you are already thinking this is a major plan, remember 2006 brings you a completely different line-up and an addition of never seen before at the 60s entertainers.

100 bucks gets you into this party and 200 in the VIP area and a shabby dress effort keeps you out or get the 60’s t-shirt. Gates open @ 15h00. Don’t miss it! Before the 60’s there will be a FOAM PARTY on the 29th June 2006. Tickets now available at your nearest Computicket!

You are not going to miss out. Start planning now! DJ’s: Fistaz Mixwell, Claude, Lali and Wave, Leeby, Glen Lewis, Monde, Sox and Tira, T-Bo Touch, C4, CYA, Chinaman, Nana, Muzzy, DJs Code Blue (London), Sndo, Bongs, Nutty and S’Ndara Ferrari.

The next day is the Durban July and we will host the usual marquee as well.
Seems like the 60’s party fever is taking over the entire country and the year’s social calender as they kick off their communications in March for an event traditionally associated with December. Check out this flyer for the upcoming Durban party! Click here to go to the site.

It’s on the 30 June this year (damn time is flying), venue and artists to be confirmed but I think they want all Durbanites to put it in their diaries now!

NCA FLYER GUYS! Awesome design.
4 December
Thanks to our loyal reader and party girl TRUETHING that sent us this heads up:
“Thought you might want to know.
A must for social butterflies – Music festival from Mafikeng (started as a get together for friends) grow in leaps and bounds, this could revolutionize tourism in Mafikeng.”

We heard the party was on, but despite numerous attempts to get into the site SIXTIES PARTY , we just couldn’t make it through… but then we found MIXWELL.CO.ZA which seems to be run by the ever popular Dj Fistaz – shot mf’ethu – what a cool site!

So it’s on Saturday 3 December on Monare farm in Mafikeng and it’s sponsored by Millers. You want to book though – so keep on checking the site. Let us know if you have a break through… And remember to drive safely guys.

Here’s a number to call for more info:
083 346 8676

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