Hansa says Cheers to Green Robot Design, the Dreamers.

Hansa Pilsener salutes Green Robot Design for being dreamers who work hard and make things happen in their latest TV and Radio campaign “Cheers to Dreamers”. We had the opportunity to interview Kgomotso Mautloa the Creative Director of  GRD during these exciting times for them at Green Robot Design. Read the interview after the jump.

Kgomotso Mautloa

Kgomotso Mautloa

1.Hi Kgomotso, I remember hearing you speak about GRD at “I create we create” conference, how do you stay focus as a young person?

For the most part I keep focused by never losing focus of the dream that made me start Green Robot Design. It’s always hard to stay focused and not give up, but with enough will power, tenacity and most of all passion it’s easier to take on the day to day challenges.

2.Owning a business as a young person (of colour) seems a big of a step, how have you managed the set-backs and doors being closed on you?

I’ve never used or looked at them as set-backs, every experience is a stepping stone. You need to have a positive outlook on everything that you do. A person of colour, it means that you possibly might have a longer journey, but you will get there.

I look at where we started and we are. We’re not were we’ve envisioned but we’re not stopping either, we just have to push and break boundaries while we do that.


3.If you were given a chance to speak at 2 lecture venues, one of drop outs and one of graduates-to-be. What would your advice be to each class?

Uhm… This is a tricky question as I admire both parties and my advice would be different to both of them. I originally come from the school of the drop-outs but I admire the latter for keeping the focus with their studies. With that said, I think common lesson would be to keep working hard, hard work always pays off, whether it be monetary, experience, meeting people. Just do what you set out to do.

4.Do you still do flyers and do they still pay the bills?

Hahahahaha, why would we stop? It’s what we’ve become famous for, they definitely still keep the lights on. It keeps us relevant in those circles. But yes, we still do…


5.After the Hansa campaign ends, where is GRD heading to in 2014 and beyond?

2014 should be an interesting year, we have a lot planned both internally and service offering that we want to offer to our clients. It’s important for us to stay relevant and to stay ahead with the work we do. The ever-changing landscape of the design world keeps us thinking and creating fresh ideas. What I will say is that digital is where our minds are set, there is a lot that we want to work on in the digital space. Thank you Hansa, we really appreciate the opportunity and well wishes.

We wish you all the best with GRD, may you reach every milestone with poise and grace as your work speaks volume of excellence!

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