Having Coffee with Department of Coffee owners.

Represent had the opportunity to interview the owners of Department of Coffee, Wongama Baleni, Vusumzi Mamile and Vuyile Msaku who hail and run their boutique coffee shop in Khayelitsha. Recently these man can be seen rolling big with Hansa Pilsener in the campaign “Cheers to Dreamers”. In an ongoing series of interviews with these dreamers, this week we introduce the finest coffee brewers in the Western Cape. Read about them below.


1.Greetings guys,  tell Represent how you all met?
We all live in the same area and  as time progressed, we noticed that we shared a lot in common hence the business venture.

2.When did the friendship evolve from just friends to business partners?
We trusted each other and it was only natural that when the opportunity arise to launch our own business, the three of us agreed instantly.

3.What are the challenges you’ve faced during the initial stages of this business?
The challenges we faced was getting space, equipment and the right kind of machines.

4.If you were not friends, what individual businesses would each of you have ventured in? – And with the success of the Hansa Cheers to Dreamers campaign, would you be looking to expand Department of Coffee?
4.1 We have a lot in mind as we’ve had other businesses prior to opening Department of Coffee.
4.2 We are open to expanding so we can create jobs.
4.3 And we thank Hansa Pilsener for the publicity as a lot of people know about us and the coffee shop. We hope this will bring more help and success    our way.

doc_ready-for-delivery5.When all succeeds, where do you all see DOC in 5 years?
We look forward to opening more DOC shops all over the world and serve a lot of people coffee. We will launch as we grow.

DOC is located in Khayelitsha, when you visit Cape Town make your way there for the finest coffee in the township.

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