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20091221-imgp0809Meet Mo Laudi, a star-reaching globetrotting South African dj and MC living in Paris, (the city otherwise known as Paname by locals…just by the way).  He’s a part of The Very Best and Radioclit, released and album with in 2006 with British punk rock band called weapons. Follow him on twiiter on @molaudi and check out his MySpace and of course Facebook.

Meet MoLaudi

Hey Mo, thanks for chatting with us… tell us…where did you grow up?

Born in Seshego, zone 3 moved to the Polokwane suburbs when Apartheid ended, went to high school in Pretoria, higher education in Johannesburg Allenby campus, then AAA school of advertising.

Who is MoLaudi in 2010?
Same dude I’ve always been, just growing, still inquisitive, into various musical cultures, art, I love street culture, working on my album…

What inspired you to get into music?craaazy
My family, my brother used to loooove music, he had a book of lyrics, he would stop and start songs and write the lyrics down and even before that my parent used to have a community choir they would go to practice a few times in the a week in the evening, my mother was the conductor and my father sang bass, they would ask us who wanted to come to the choir competitions with them and we would mostly say yes.

What’s your first memory of music?
Music has always been around my house before I was born, there is nothing I can specifically call the first memory, I’m sure even when I was born someone was singing. I remember when I was toddler in the township, my mother would be practicing the violin in her bedroom and outside me and my friends were listening, amazed at hearing such a rare sound.

What are some of your strongest influences and who inspires you musically in 2010? I’m inspired by everything around me, sounds of Ghettos around the world, ideas I read, visuals, Ronald Dahl, SA house, Mars Volta, 80’s rock, old school hip hop, electro, afro beat, Coupé Décalé , dubstep…20091221-imgp0735

What makes great music? No boundries, touching people’s heart, the connection, I’m personally into rhythms, I love a great beat that sound like it captures ancient spirits and at the same time new and fresh to rock any club around the world

Whose music should we absolutely not miss out on in 2010? Mine, lol check out the The very Best, Radioclit, looking forward to the new M.I.A, I love Blk Jks, Spoek Mathambo, Gazelle

What are the challenges of a South African growing up abroad? Visa issues, The displacement and the loneliness not being able to speak you own language, adapting to another to culture and sharing your culture finding you feet, finding a common ground…I seen a lot of people struggle with that and end hanging with guys from their home country only

What do you love and miss most about South Africa? Family and friends…

Who are you favorite South Africans? My family

Tell us about your favourite place in SA…
Favorite place in SA is at home on Sunday reading the newspaper after lunch. Also, anywhere with friends, I used to love hanging out in Rosebank in 99,

Favourite hang out in LDN?
I used to have this cool Sunday session in London where I would invite African djs to come play and called it The Joburg Project, it was really cool, SA celebrities like Yvone Chaka Chaka, Tony Kgoroge, Benni Macarthy, Aaron Mokoena when they came to London would hang out there …I love eating out at gastro pub next to a flea markets on a Sunday, there are great bars in Nottinghill

Favourite SA Band?20091221-imgp0876
Blk jks

What should I not miss out on if I come to the UK? It depends what you are into, minimal parties that start 5am on a Sunday morning at AKA or going to the jazz café in Camden or going to exhibition at the Tate gallery, passing cloud, Noting hill art club, there is loads

What event or festival would you most dream of playing at?
I have played at Glastonbury in 2004, which is like the biggest festival, done SXSW in Austin Texas USA, Plage Electronique in South of France was the biggest, it was about 10 000 people on a beach going insane, I would love to play the world cup, I would love play a fashion show in Paris, I would love to play 100 000 people and more

Have you received any awards etc? If so what were they for?
When are in school I used to win a lot of awards, one of my favorite was, when there was a painting competition in town and I won the best artist in Polokwane. (ed: 🙂 )

Sharpile Mo laudi, we’re so proud of you, keep flying the flag high and know that we’re right behind you every step of the way.  Bravo, bisous… et bonne chance . Represent!

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