Represent Review: So you think you can Dance

n626136107_770321_9220.jpgWe’re delighted that some of Represent’s fabulara dancer friends: David Matamela, Thabiso, Megan and Elizma are all getting their go on telly, it’s about time these tireless hard-slogging dancers got a glamourous platform to shake their booties, it’s a nice change from the bread-and-butter corporate work they have to do, although they do it so superbly.  So… The Matrix was on TV!! Yes, yours truly and the legendary Agent Katz have been mingling with the visual media people again… See Agent Katz’s photostory of the night as well as lots of close-up backstage pics here, and read all about the live TV event below: Saturday 27 September 2008, The Standardbank Arena – Ellis Park Sports Precinct. Many a follower and busloads of family and friendly supporters turned out in their droves for the live, SABC 1 broadcast of the riveting Teen pop-culture dance competition: So You Think You Can Dance.

There’s just something awesome about attending a live event, for starters, while the repertoire of choreographic work is kept at bear-minimum levels, the adrenaline rush in the live environment  is forever pumping, ensuring that you miss none of the breath- taking content. This being a family and teens targeted programme, the event coordinator found himself with a mammoth of a task at hand – painstakingly trying to regulate the loud screams and vibrant young energies transcending into the arena (p.s we were trained like Seals in a series of very important drills: when to scream, shout, clap and boo… I wonder if they purposefully ignored training us on how to spot the cue for when to shed a tear at some of the beautiful and emotion-evoking scenes, captivatingly portrayed live on the expansive and well designed stage).

Like in other true pop-culture show which has managed to survive the long and treacherous transatlantic journey to land on our ‘color tubes’, a team of villains posing as ‘Duke and his Duchess’ style personalities made-up the expert panel of Judges…Such a snooty bunch this lot!! Professional Choreographer: David Matsamela, Professional Choreographer: Ms Didi Moses, Professional and International Choreographer: Harold van Buuren.
Those of us who grew up with square eyes from being glued to the indoor square box would surely confess to loving YO-TV (The former version with the Dodo costumed dude who famously exclaimed: Ma’ Cousins!!!) , for many of us the sole purpose of watching was to feed our secret affection of the super-styling babe:  Sade! Well, I can confess that she’s still as fly and confident as ever!  Iyoh, Iyoh, Iyoh!!!!

The 14 amazingly talented contestants with elastic-like flexibility were grouped in pairs of two. Their task: Woo the audience (in Arena and at home) with your agility, skill and depth of emotional content. Receive as many SMS ratings as possible, stay away from the bottom 3 (the elimination corner) and stand a chance to win over ZAR200 000.00

Marries and Bathembu wowed us with their Latino themed tango (Don Julio!!). They received a good response from the audience, but had to fend-off some hard knocks from the fork-tongued Judges.
Following suite were Tania and Nxaba, this pair showcased their skill in a dance themed: West End, The Famous theatrical suburb of London was recreated right in front of us. I loved them! Although the Duchess of the Arena said they did not perform from within and the connection was lost…
A medley of Michael Jackson’s famous beats ushered in the ever gleaming Lee and Taekwondo. A smooth performance I thought, but of course it was not what Didi Moses thought, she lashed-out at Lee for her ever open mouth…So childish and really Not Sexy at all!, she exclaimed.

The audience rose in an uproar of a resounding: Booooooo Didi, Boooooo!!!
The Platoon dressed and dog-tagged Louisa and Thabiso made us hop about to their Hip-Hop backed Krump dance. At this juncture, fractured divisions amongst the judgmental mouthpieces were obviously visible. David said they were Fabulous (uproar!), Didi said their dance lacked the fluidity which was necessary to synchronize their moves to the music (Boooo!!), Harold exclaimed: Didi you are talking such rubbish! (A Hail of appreciation!!!!)
If ever angels could dance, the flawlessly agile Kim and Ash would with no doubt be such ethereal beings. Their well-choreographed contemporary dance, complete with flowing silk and nylon clothing and some well-adapted Brazilian Capoeira moves were such an excellent combination. Even the Duchess of doom confessed that this was indeed the best performance yet…At last we agreed.
The perfect framed Katlego and Elizma stylishly tapped away with their Lyrical Waltz…. E Monate! Said David. Complete with Dickies pants and All-Star tekkies,  the energetic Darren and Megan set the arena alight as they jived away Pantsula style to the famous House song by DJ Sbu: Remember when it Rains! Our 3 villains were unanimously in agreement that this pair was indeed complementing each other, totally in synch with the music and absolutely fantastic!
Such an excellent show. Catch the results, proudly revealed at 19H00 on Tuesday on SABC 1 – Mzansi fo sho.
Story by Reuben-The Matrix-Malema and Images by Nkateko-Agent Katz-Siweya

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