“SMS Sugar Man” – cellphone film complete

Remember we told you all about the Fliek that’s getting shot on a cellphone – it’s been completed! Check it out!

Principal photography was completed on SMS Sugar Man, early on 31st December 2005.

“It works”, says Aryan Kaganof, the prolific writer/director of numerous feature films, shorts and video art who is directing the film. “We shot with up to eight Sony Ericsson W900i …
mobile phones, and the results are beyond our expectations. The results of the blow-up tests were amazing. This camera has liberated film makers from the tyrannies of the 35mm set. Finally I can truly say that I FILM WHAT I LIKE.”

“The technology gave us unlimited time to focus on the intimacy of the performances, and we were able to complete the shooting of an entire feature film in an amazing 12 days”, says Michelle Wheatley, producer for Reflex Motion Pictures.

The production stars newcomers Deja Bernhardt and Leigh Graves in the two leads, who give sizzling performances. Also contributing to the company of players are John Matshikiza (Wah-Wah), Jerry Mofokeng (Tsotsi), and Luthuli Dlamini (Scandal), all well known on South African screens and stage.

Dv8 Films Executive Producers Joel Phiri and Jeremy Nathan, are thrilled with the results, “The rushes look incredible, this will change the way films are made in the near future.”

The story is an original idea of Kaganof’s, takes place on Christmas Eve, and is a love triangle with an audacious twist. A feel good story on a lonely dark evening, for the modern urban viewer. The script was workshopped with all the actors.

The film will be ready for distribution on a variety of media in May 2006, on mobile, Internet, theatrical, television and DVD platforms, offering the public maximum access in innovative ways.

Ster-Kinekor, one of the film’s financiers, will handle the release in South Africa. Says Helen Kuhn, “This project is at the heart of the spirit of our collaboration with Dv8. The film is incredibly innovative. We are excited about the prospects of this film.”

“…in Johannesburg…on Christmas Eve&bad things happen”

11 Nov 2006
We love it when South Africans come up with great ideas, we have been wondering when someone would do something interesting with cellphone pics and movies – here it is – SMS SUGAR MAN…

Aryan Kaganof, the prolific writer/director of numerous feature films, shorts and video art has embarked on a world first. He is to direct the first 35mm feature film, shot on a mobile cell phone camera.

Teaming up with producer Michelle Wheatley and Dv8/IMG Films Executive Producers Joel Phiri and Jeremy Nathan, the film is called “SMS Sugar Man”. The story is an original idea of Kaganof’s, and takes place on Christmas eve, and centres on a Johannesburg pimp, who drives four of his ladies around the city. A feel good story on a dark evening, for the modern urban viewer.

“The evolution of this technology is perfect to tell this story, which uses cellphones as an integral part of the narrative. The girls are umbilically linked to each other and Sugar Man through their phones” says Kaganof.

“The film will be produced in an innovative way” says Michelle Wheatley, producer of Kaganof’s documentary “Giant Steps” which was recently broadcast by SABC1. “Our technology tests have been amazing and show that you can make a film on virtually any format these days.”

Dv8 Films producers Joel Phiri and Jeremy Nathan are excited to break new ground. “We love this radical approach, blending the use of appropriate technology with a gripping story. It deviates from the norm and with an experienced director – it’s all about attitude.”

The film will be shot in the dead of night, during December, and ready for distribution on a variety of distribution platforms in September 2006.

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  1. Hi please note that I have an cellphone idea , but I dont know who to talk to , to present my idea if you could please assist by given contacts to the relevant people that turns your dream idea into a reality.

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