The SA Fashion Week SS16 Collections – Part 1: The Goddesses

Written by Ludwig Spies and photos by Simone Oranje.

The common problem with fashion writing is that we either overlook the most brilliantly conceived and painstakingly produced elements of a collection – or we ramble on, praising, criticising, fainting and gasping to a point where it’s no longer clear whether we’re talking about coats, shoes or an obscure branch of 19th Century philosophy.

So we set ourselves this challenge for the SAFW SS16 Collections: reveal the essence of each collection – in less than 50 words.


Colleen Eitzen SS16

Beautifully unfettered, midnight-blue pieces clothe the wearer in a simple but grave elegance. Light botanical patterns are perfect for the free-spirited nymph.





Lunar SS16

The moon’s different phases, its variations under different skies, could be glimpsed in each of these creations. It’s easy to imagine these gowns on temple priestesses from a time when we were closer to nature.





Clive Rundle SS16

Rundle’s geishas do not exist for the entertainment of men. They are more likely to reveal a Samurai sword than a hand-fan. Instead of being tightly wrapped up, the fabric swirls and cascades as they march past.




Author: Represent

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