Wim Botha solo gallery exhibition

 wim_image.jpg What more can we do BUT nag you to support local (young) artists? Besides give you everything you need get there? Just stop saying ‘one day’ and GO GO GO – you’ve got until the 13th December to catch Wim Botha’s first solo Gallery exhibition in Johannesburg…. for this debut,  Wim Botha will present a new sculptural installation, large and small individual drawings and recent large-scale prints.

The works are primarily concerned with the passage of time from a relativistic perspective. It makes reference to both inverted and non-chronological time and the resultant relativity of a personal point of view…The installation makes use of visual elements that have their origin in the languages of art history and historical visual culture and are presented in a semi-structured constellation that seems to suggest a non-linear timeline.

Using as original source motif the standard illustrated depiction of time as a sequence of events consecutively arranged in a linear model, the work adapts and perverts this format in three-dimensional space – turning back on itself, this sequence with its various elements suggests a type of system, a volatile organism with high entropic possibility.

The main structure of this constellation is formed by hexagonal mirror-sided vitrines, that, as a variation of the typical display cabinet, seems to be turned inside out, putting the surrounding elements as well as its larger surroundings on display.

In the two-dimensional works, skeletal studies of human and animal figures in animated poses subjects the assumed finality of death as end of time to a longer time-frame. However, in ignorance of possible spiritual dimensions, these works remain in the material realm, hinting at another form of continuity.

Brodie/Stevenson is located on the ground floor, 373 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall, Johannesburg. Hours are Tuesday to Friday, 10.30am to 5.30pm, and Saturday from 9.30am to 3pm. Email info@brodiestevenson.com. Telephone +27 (0)11 326 0034. Fax +27 (0)11 326 0041.

Image: Gyps africanus, 2008, Pencil on paper, 40 x 50 cm

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